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English Springs Park | Chino Hills, CA

Public Restroom Company / English Springs Park | Chino Hills, CA

English Springs Park | Chino Hills, CA

The English Springs Park project in Chino Hills, California shows a modified floor plan of Public Restroom Company’s Sports Park Series SP-244 model. The standard restroom model includes: four (4) flush toilets, two (2) urinals, and four (4) sinks that will accommodate up to 180 users per hour. Two of the four flush toilets are ADA code compliant with built-in proprietary vandal resistant components. Customizations for this restroom included custom tile work in the front alcove and the addition of exterior drinking fountains.

This floor plan was modified to only have the restroom entrances on the front side of the building. This design is created with the utility chase in the middle of the building allowing for easy access to all plumbing and electrical components for each restroom. The design utilizes natural ventilation and is easily maintained with non-absorbent concrete floors and concrete block walls.


Accommodates 180 users per hour

Great for:

Active participants; medium sized neighborhood parks or sports fields


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