PRODUCTS DIVISION: Proven Public Restroom Products

Public Restroom Company has been perfecting park restrooms and custom products for the last 43 years. We know from experience which products work and which don’t. Now, these stronger, safer, longer-lasting, and lower maintenance cost proprietary products are available for your city park restrooms directly from PRC.

  • All Products are In Stock
  • 48 Hour Delivery
  • Strongest, Longest-Lasting Products on the Market
  • Products are Designed for Park Solutions
  • Proven & Trusted for 43 Years
  • Pricing is Below Market Prices

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Prison Grade Stainless Steel Plumbing Fixtures:
Part# K1100 | K1200 | K1300

  • Prison Grade – Thicker, Heavier
  • Stainless Steel than Competitors
  • Will not Dent or Rust
  • ADA Compliant
  • Wall-Hung & Concealed Blowout Jets
  • High Efficiency Water Use
  • Meets New & Current Codes
  • Lead Free
  • Concealed Rear Connection
  • Contoured Surface with Integral Vandal Resistant faucet

PRC Stainless Steel Sink  PRC Stainless Steel Toilet  PRC Stainless Steel Urinal

Heavy Duty Fiberglass Doors & Jambs:
Part# F1501

      • Will not Dent, Rust or Deteriorate
      • Impact Proof
      • Moisture Resistant
      • Strongest on the Market
      • Energy Efficient and Insulated
      • No Thermal Bow


Anti-Microbial Stainless Steel Door Handles:
Part# F1216

      • Commercial/Industrial Grade
      • Cool to Touch Grip
      • No Exposed Fasteners
      • Vandal Resistant Design
      • Kills Bacteria on Contact and Will
      • Not Transfer Germs to Others

Part# H1370Continuous Partition Door Hinges:
Part# H1370

        • Stainless Steel, Vandal Resistant Design
        • Reinforces Door & Frame, Eliminates Door Sag and Bending
        • Distributes Load Stress Along Frame
        • Prevents Pinching Fingers
        • Provides Added Privacy & Security

Part# H1117-AM

Anti-Microbial Grab Bars:
Part# H1117-AM

        • Vandal Resistant, 304 Stainless Steel
        • Concealed Mounting Fasteners
        • Supports Loads over 900 lbs
        • ADA Compliant

Part# K1515

Anti-Microbial, Heavy Duty Flush Valves:
Part# K1515

        • Kills Bacteria on Contact
        • No Leak Handle
        • ADA Compliant Handle
        • Chloramine Resistant

Part# H1160

Anti-Theft 3-Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers:
Part# H1160

        • Heavy Duty Custom Made Design
        • Scratch, Dent and Chemical Resistant
        • Super Large 3-Roll Holder
        • Slanted Cover to Deter Vandals from
        • Standing on Dispenser

Part# K1400

High-Low ADA Drinking Fountains:
Part# K1400

        • Commercial/Industrial Grade, 304 Stainless Steel
        • Adjustable Water Flow Regulator
        • Vandal Resistant Design
        • ADA Compliant

Part# H1223

Non-Removable Recessed restroom Signage:
Part# H1223

        • Vandal Resistant
        • Heavy Duty Thick Cast Metal
        • ADA Compliant


Other Available Products:

Water Heaters – Low Energy, Constant Demand
Light Fixtures – Low Energy, Code Compliant
Toilet Seats – Anti-Microbial, Industrial Grade
Showers Fixtures – Stainless Steel, Custom Design
Hand Dryers – Low Noise, Code Compliant
Soap Dispensers – Custom Design
HVAC Systems – Vandal Resistant Units
Partition Doors & Hardware – Heavy Duty
Restroom Accessories – Commercial Grade


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