PRC’s Unique Proprietary Components and Systems

PART 1: PRC Proprietary Concrete Floor System

This document has been written to provide public agencies with specific facts concerning the differences between our brand and the rest of the industry of prefabricated restrooms. The examples in this series will highlight the known problem our client’s face and our PRC solutions. These are proprietary components and/or systems that PRC has created through years of research and development to better our brand and provide real answers to our marketplace.

PROBLEM: Concrete Floor Systems:

The concrete floor system is one of the most important component systems in a public park restroom; on 90% of the sites in America it becomes the foundation and the interior surface that takes the most abuse from public use and ground movement. Building manufacturers provide their floors in thicknesses, from 4” to 8” – some poured on-site and others poured in-plant. Some are designed with post-tensioned steel and thinner materials, while others are poured thicker with multiple layers of steel for tension and compression structurally.

The problem is when floors crack from improper design or improper selection of concrete mix design and strength, odors accumulate and long term deterioration starts immediately and is impossible to reverse.

PRC’S ANSWER: Proprietary High Technology Concrete Floor Systems:

PRC Proprietary Concrete Floor

PRC’s Non-Absorbent Concrete Floor

PRC’s high strength 7700 psi concrete mix design is used within the 8” thick structural floor system. This system includes: chemical additives from abroad that are used on exposed concrete fenestration to keep freeze thaw and spalling from occurring; and to create a non-absorbent surface to keep organics from penetrating the surface and in turn eliminating odors.

Our structural design is comparable to a bridge deck with multiple layers of optional coated steel rebar to prevent corrosion and to deliver lifelong structural integrity. The design has been tested by a national testing laboratory who certifies our yield and absorption a less than 2.5% when normal concrete is over 30% absorptive. We warrant our floors to be structurally crack free. Our unique concrete floors are poured on a thick steel table over radiant floor heating to drive off the moisture rapidly before the surface seals the moisture in. The result is minimal air voids, yielding a near perfect uniformity. For final added protection we coat the floor with 8 mils of two part epoxy to diminish staining.

For more information on our interior options, click here.

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