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ABOUT US / Drop-In-Place Installation

Our Installation Process takes 3-5 days.

For Precise Quality Control, Our Buildings Are Built In A Factory, Delivered By Truck, And Installed With A Crane.

To ensure complete quality control, all Public Restroom Company buildings are fully constructed in our strategically located manufacturing facilities then loaded onto special “low boy” tractor-trailers, delivered to your site, and installed using a crane to gently set the completed buildings into place by our experienced staff. Our trusted and experienced staff will be there throughout the process for ease of installation and coordination.

Our Installation Process

Sub-grad Pad Preparation

Sub-grade Pad Preparation

(Footings may be required in some locations)
Drop-in-Place Installation

Drop-in-Place Installation

Finished Building

Finished Building

Advantages of our installation process:

  • Minimal site disruption
  • On time construction, regardless of weather
  • Less on-site nuisances
  • Predictable costs
  • Secured and vandal resistant once set

Our Typical Scope Of Work And Responsibilities.

At Public Restroom Company, we developed this efficient installation process because it delivers a superior product to you, each and every time. Our typical scope of work consists of the following responsibilities for both PRC and the owner:

PRC's Responsibilities:

Provide Plans
PRC provides two sets of plans, first is design/development drawings for the owner to approve and send back to finalize colors. Then PRC will provide “State Approved Stamped” plans and engineering calculations suitable for local permitting.

Construction of the Building
PRC manages quality control and certification of off-site/factory construction to comply with approved plans.

Manufacturing and transportation permits are provided by PRC.

Utility Connections
PRC field staff will take the utilities from the building pad to the 6’ connection point outside of the building pad, and tie them in, if services are available. If services are not available at time of installation, connections become owner’s responsibility. All utility connections are made inside the building and tested, if services are available.

Delivery and Installation PRC will install the building turnkey. Transportation costs, crane costs, and applicable taxes are paid by PRC.

Warranty All work preformed by PRC shall be warranted to the owner to be free of defects in materials, workmanship, and title for 5 years from the date of acceptance of completed work.

Owner's Responsibilities:

Provide Site Access
Owner will certify and provide suitable delivery access to proposed building site. Suitable access is 14’ minimum width, 16’ minimum height clearance, and sufficient turning radius for a 70’ tractor trailer and the crane. The crane must be able to get within 35’ from the building center, and the delivery truck must be within 35’ from the crane center pick point.

Prepare Building Pad
Site pad and footing specifications will be supplied by PRC and will be the owners responsibility to have the pad and footings (if footings are required) ready to receive the building by time of delivery. Owner will supply PRC with a pile of course construction sand for our crew to perform final grade on the building pad.

Utility Connections
Owner is to bring the water, sewer, and electrical connections to within 6’ of building pad. Owner is required to run appropriate wiring to the breaker box and the final utility connections will be performed by others

Building Permits
Owner is to provide necessary permits for the site work and utility work.

Public Restroom Company’s “Drop-In-Place” installation mitigates the attractive nuisance of a typical construction site. It safeguards your new building from material theft and vandalism that often occurs with site-built construction. It avoids the wear and tear on your site due to excessive vehicle and foot traffic brought about by having multiple subcontractors—cement workers, stonemasons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, welders, fixture installers, finish contractors, roofers, and painters—working on a single site-built project. In short, our process delivers a superior product in less time and typically for less money with fewer variables than with any other manufacturer on the market today.

Contact Public Restroom Company for all your prefabricated restrooms and related building needs today.